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    “Your Guardian Angel” also called “Andromeda Speaks” © August 2, 2010 by Donna L. Faber.  This one-of-a-kind original collage is done with stickers and embellishments on 11” x 14” multi-colored card stock and black matte board. It is under glass in a clip frame.   The angel is hand made by the artist, and inspired by a friend whose guardian angel might be rendered this way.  This piece is not for sale.  I think it’s meant to be a gift.  


    Andromeda Close UpThere is a lot of symbolism in this piece. The imagery came first through inspiration via a muse and the symbolism made itself apparent later. The mix of Christian imagery (the angel) and Pagan symbolism (the four quarters) happened because I felt the need to tie the angel into the larger tapestry of spiritual beliefs.  In this way, she becomes a symbol for spirit, which I think is appropriate. 

    Andromeda is the angel’s name, and she floats peacefully in the heavens, clothed sublimely in purple, the color of friendship and healing (or healing through friendship).  She wears the golden halo of divinity, which signifies the purity of her purpose as a guardian.  Twin doves of peace hover over each of her hands which are open in compassion. Andromeda wears her heart out on her chest in emotional transparency and purity of intent.  Her head is surrounded by stars.  In fact, the very stars Andromeda dwells among serve to tie this piece of art together. 

    Symbolism of the Four Quarters

    Earth is in the lower right hand corner, and it is attended by the Prince of the Forest, a buck.  The Prince is an earthbound symbol of home and hearth, wellness and wisdom, and can be seen in pop-culture.  The movie “Bambi” has one the most wonderful depictions of this creature.  He dates as far back as the Arthurian legends and the epic battle between the Son of a Hundred Kings and the Great Prince himself, which was fought for the welfare of sacred land.  

    The Prince of the Forest from Disney's "Bambi"

    Air is reined over by the full moon and signifies the process of thought and the mind’s activities in problem solving.  Symbolically, air is a masculine element and the full moon a feminine one, but in this piece (and always to me), the Great Mother resides in the full moon.  It waxes and wanes like the cycle of a woman. Both air and the moon converge in support of Andromeda’s message. 

    The element of fire is signified by the Chinese dragon.  A dragon is a dragon no matter what culture and to me will always be a most powerful guardian offering strength, courage, balance and magic generously to its human companion.  Surrounding the dragon is the red rose, a symbol of the fires of passion whose thorns remind us our passions are best wisely directed through temperance (always temperance).  In this piece, the rose is also a symbol of love, new beginnings, hope and promise, all of which can bloom heartily from passion. 

    Water symbolizes the limitless ocean of emotion, falling falling falling like a waterfall, often taking us to places we never thought we would experience.  It reminds us to go with the flow and use our intuition.  It is indicative of motion and depth, and it is the origin of all life.  This element asks us to heed the balance between heart and mind, intellect and emotion, neither existing to the detriment of the other, which is critical to our wellness. 

    Andromeda Speaks

    Andromeda (1869) by Paul Gustave Doré Andromeda’s message is present visually in the butterflies in this piece.  Butterflies are the most profound agent of change as they live very short lives, undergo physical transformation very quickly and yet still serve their purpose both as ecological participants and sacred messengers.  

    Andromeda, whispering through butterfly wings, acknowledges that the world is changing, and within it, so are many of us.  She, an entity plucked from the Christian collective and floating dreamily amidst pagan imagery, asks us to understand the difference between organized religion and spirituality. We all have the right to believe what we will with no judgment, yet if we peeled most layers away perhaps the best of faiths would be the same at their core.   

    She encourages us to define these important issues for ourselves.  

    Andromeda acknowledges our craving for inner light and reminds us there is wisdom to be derived from the willingness to embrace new experiences.


    It isn’t every day that I get a glimpse of someone’s guardian angel.


    This one had an awful lot to say. 


    Andromeda speaks … will you listen?


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